Afterhours Childcare

Not everybody works from nine to five. Working the swing or night shift can make it difficult to find good care for your children during the hours you need it. At ABC-123 Children's Academy LLC, we understand that different people work different hours. That's why we offer afterhours childcare when there is customer demand.

For childcare that will prepare your kids for school
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Flexible Scheduling

ABC-123 Children's Academy LLC is dedicated to working with parents to fit their scheduling needs. We have availability on night and weekends, even in the middle of the night. The exact availability will depend on demand, but we are flexible to work around your schedule.

Don't let your work schedule restrict your childcare options. Call today to schedule a consultation. The experienced caregivers at ABC-123 Children's Academy LLC will be happy to discuss your options.

Don't forget that ABC-123 Children's Academy LLC also offers a VPK program. We're located in Bradenton, FL. Contact us today.

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